Dr. Ronald Roth's Research Library on Cellular Nutrition and Health Disorders


Acu-Cell - Blood Type Diet - Describes basic premises of the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" Diet and questions its validity when applied within an actual clinical environment.

Acu-Cell - Chocolate - Takes a critical look at the recent "Chocolate-is-Good-for-You" campaigns, and dispels some of the health benefit myths.

Acu-Cell - Diets & Weight Loss - Takes a look at high/low carb, fat and protein-promoting diets, and discusses nutritional pros and cons of various weight loss programs.

Acu-Cell - MLM Products & Supplements - Discusses potential health risks or negative effects from Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM products, and random self-supplementation.

Acu-Cell - Sugar & Glycemic Index - Compares the effects of simple, refined, and complex sugar/carbohydrates on body chemistry, and discusses the glycemic index, satiety index and glycemic load.

Acu-Cell - Vegetarianism - Discusses the pros and cons of vegetarianism, and offers nutritional reasons why some people are better suited than others for this lifestyle.

Acu-Cell - Myths - Myths and misconceptions about nutrition