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Following are examples of medical disorders and their nutritional, or intracellular chemistry as measured with Acu-Cell Analysis. "Low" levels indicate that the particular nutrient is frequently found below normal in patients suffering from that medical condition, and that supplementation may at times be beneficial. "High" levels are an indication that the particular chemical or nutrient is frequently found above normal in patients suffering from that disorder, or that symptoms may be triggered or worsened when that item is supplemented.

Many conditions present with "high/low" levels of a nutrient, since both - excessive and deficient states of the same nutrient can be implicated with certain disorders. For instance, low calcium may trigger an inflammatory type of arthritis, while high calcium may lead to a degenerative type of arthritis (calcification). Low copper, or low calcium, may result in weak or fragile blood vessels, which can lead to hemorrhagic types of vascular disease (e.g. bleeding stroke), while high copper, or high calcium levels can lead to arteriosclerosis.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose / liver damage: NAC (N-Acetylcysteine), selenium, [opt: milk thistle].

Acne / Skin Eruptions: Low: Vitamin A, Vit B2, Vit B6, Vit C, Vit E, manganese, chromium, magnesium, zinc, thymus. High or low: Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), iron. High: biotin, choline, inositol, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid), lecithin, bromine, iodine, nickel, tin, zinc (related to high testosterone levels).
Some acne-prone individuals are sensitive to: Higher intake of alcohol, fats and oils (including omega / fish oils), acidophilus, CoQ10, melatonin, colostrum, bromelain, glutamic acid, pancreatin, stevia, licorice, dairy, black / cayenne pepper, cloves, willow bark, oregano, puncture vine, royal jelly, and all Simple Sugars / carbs.

Allergies: Low Vitamin C, low Vitamin A, low chromium, (low copper), low pancreatic enzymes / digestive enzyme complex, [opt. bromelain, quercitin, stinging nettle, butterbur, bee pollen (air-borne)].

Alopecia (hair loss - not male pattern baldness): High/low zinc, high/low protein, high/low sodium, low iron, low Iodine, low omega EFAs, high Vit A, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, heavy metal toxicity.

Amenorrhea (failure to menstruate): Low iron, low manganese (very high manganese), low fat / body weight.

Anemia: Low Vitamin A, low Vit B1, low Vit B6, low Vit B12, low folate, low Vit C, low iron, low manganese, low phosphorus, high Vit B2, high Vit B15, high Vit E, high zinc, high calcium, high magnesium, low stomach acid, heavy metal toxicity.

Aneurysm (aneurism): High/low Copper, high/low calcium, high chromium, high phosphorus, high sodium, low silicon / silica, low sulfur, low Vitamin C, high Vit E, low hesperidin, low rutin.

Angina: Low Vitamin E (left side), low Vitamin B15 (right side), low CoQ10, low EFAs, high nickel (left side), high cobalt (right side), high calcium with low co-factors.

Angular Stomatitis (cracks in the corner of the mouth): Low Vitamin B2, low zinc, high Vit A.

Anorexia (lack of appetite): Low Vitamin B6, low Vit B12, high/low folate, high/low Vit A, high/low Vit B3/4, low chloride, high/low iron, high/low zinc, high/low sodium, high/low phosphorus, low protein, low Vit C, low Vit B1, low iodine, high/low stomach acid, heavy metal toxicity.

Anosmia (poor sense of smell): Low zinc, low Vitamin A, heavy metal toxicity.

Anxiety: High/low calcium, high/low magnesium, high/low potassium, high iodine, high sodium, high nickel, high cobalt, high phosphorus, high Vitamin B1, high Vit B6, high Vit B12, low PABA, low Vit B2, low Vit B5, low Vit B15, low CoQ10, [opt. GABA, taurine, tryptophan (5-HTP), St. John's Wort].

Apathy (lack of interest in life): Low Vitamin B1, low Vit B12, high/low folate, low Vit C, low iron, low sodium, low manganese, low tin, low iodine, low phosphorus, low sulfur, high magnesium, high calcium, high copper, low protein.

Arrhythmia / atrial fibrillation [1] (irregular heart beat): Low magnesium, high / low potassium, low copper, low Vit E, low folate, low w3 EFAs, low CoQ10, low PABA, high/low calcium, high/low zinc, high/low sodium, high iodine, high alcohol, autoimmune diseases, viral / bacterial infections, allergic reactions, recreational stimulants, heavy metal toxicity, intolerance to dental materials, spinal misalignment T4, T5 or T6, [opt. taurine, L-arginine].

Arthritis: High/low phosphorus, high/low calcium, high/low magnesium, high/low chromium, high/low copper, high/low molybdenum, high/low vanadium, high/low sodium, high/low Vitamin B5, high/low stomach acid, low sulfur, low Vit K, high iron, high selenium, high Vit A, food allergies, [opt. salmon oil, turmeric, bromelain].

Aspirin / ASA overdose: May be treated with N-Glycylglycine + glycine, magnesium, Vitamin B5, potassium.

Asthma: Low iron, low manganese, low magnesium, low nickel, low tin, low folate, low Vitamin C, low Vit B1, low Vit B12, high/low Vit A, low CoQ10, low omega EFAs, [opt. EPA], [spinal alignment problem at T3].

Bedwetting (Enuresis): High sodium, low magnesium, low calcium, high/low potassium.

Bladder Incontinence (non-structural): Low potassium.

Bladder Infection: see "Cystitis."

Bladder Stones: Low cystine, low Vitamin A.

Bleeding Gums: Low Vitamin C, low bioflavonoids, high - or very low copper (see also "Bruising").

Bleeding / Excessive Blood-thinning:
High intake of: Omega / fish oils, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, garlic, turmeric, ginseng, bromelain, lecithin, germanium, saw palmetto, dandelion root, white willow bark, feverfew, alcohol, oxalic acid-rich food sources (Swiss chard, rhubarb, spinach, beets / beet greens), some berry or fruit juices (e.g. pomegranate), walnuts, white fish.
Low intake of: Calcium (including low calcium / magnesium ratio), copper, Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, Vit B5, Vitamin K - although even very high levels of Vitamin K are not able to counteract the effects of excessive blood-thinning medications or supplement, [opt. clay - for some types of chronic intestinal bleeding].

Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids): Low chromium (usually worse on left side), low copper (usually worse on right side), high Vitamin C, low Vit A, low carotenoids, low Vit B2. May also apply to conjunctivitis.

Bloating / Gas: For bloating above the navel (due to low stomach acid), use lemon or lime juice with water, apple cider vinegar with water, Betaine HCl tablets, or Glutamic acid + Betaine + Pepsin (all 3 in one tablet). See also Acu-Cell "H. Pylori & low Stomach Acid" for more details.

For bloating below the navel (abdomen), use either basic Pancreatic Enzyme tablets (for carbs, fat & protein), or a Digestive Enzyme Complex (with additional enzymes for lactose, fiber, and other gas-causing agents). On rare occasions, Ox Bile extract may be indicated when bloating is due to insufficient bile production. Try to chew food thoroughly, and try not to swallow air while eating.

Boils - uncomplicated Abscesses / Staph Infections: May be treated with high doses of Vitamin A, Vit C, cat's claw & skullcap, [opt: thymus, ginseng, cold / soft Laser], (see "Acne" for general guidelines).

Bronchitis: Low Vitamin A, low Vit C, low thymus, high dairy intake, [opt. oil of oregano, N-Acetylcysteine].

Bruising: Low Vitamin C, low bioflavonoids, low Vit K, high/low iron, high/low manganese, high/low copper, high silicon / silica, high phosphorus, high germanium, low calcium, low potassium, high Vit E, high estrogen, viral / bacterial infections, [high alcohol / ginkgo / garlic / walnuts / omega / fish oil / oxalic acid intake].

Burning Feet: Low folate, low Vitamin B5, high/low sodium, high/low phosphorus.

Calcification of soft tissue: High Vitamin D, high calcium, high copper, low Vit K, low zinc, low manganese, low magnesium, low phosphorus, low Vitamin C, low stomach acid.

Candida: see "Yeast infections"

Canker Sores: High phosphorus, low sodium / high phosphorus ratio, low Vitamin A, low Vit B5, high acidic food / beverage intake, [opt. probiotics (swished around in mouth), baking soda in water].

Cardiovascular Disease (blockage of coronary arteries): Low Vitamin C, low Vit E, low phosphorus, low sodium, high/low magnesium, low protein, high copper, high calcium, high Vit B5, low Vit K, high (long-term) folic acid intake, low antioxidant intake, low omega EFAs, low fiber, high simple sugar intake.

Cardiovascular Disease (damage to artery walls): High C-reactive protein, (high homocysteine), low folic acid, low methionine, low Vitamin B6, low Vit B12, low Vit C, low Vit K, low hesperidin, low rutin, high sodium, high/low silica, high/low magnesium, high/low calcium, high/low copper, high/low germanium, high/low iron, high/low manganese, viral / bacterial infections, exposure to Bisphenol-A.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): Low magnesium, high/low calcium, low silicon / silica, low sulfur, low P5P (Vitamin B6), low Vitamin B2, low EFAs, [opt: cod liver oil, salmon oil, electro-therapy / electro-acupuncture].

Cataracts: Low Vitamin C, low Vit E, low Vit A, low Vit B2, low lutein, high calcium, low manganese, low iron, low selenium, high tryptophan, high PUFAs, cell/cordless phone / UV radiation [opt. pyruvate, alpha lipoic acid].

Cellulite / orange peel skin: High estrogen + high simple sugar / fat intake, low Vitamin C, [opt. collagenase].

Cholesterol (high Levels): Low manganese, low magnesium, low chromium, low sulfur, low Vitamin B3/4, low PABA, low biotin, high potassium, high Vit B1, high Vit B6. - High LDL: Low choline, low inositol, low lecithin, low Vitamin B3, low Vit E, low omega EFAs, low sodium, low silicon / silica, high Vitamin B5.

Cholesterol (low Levels): Low potassium, low choline, high manganese, high magnesium, high sulfur, high Vitamin E, high PABA, high Vitamin B3/4.

Cold Hands and Feet: Low Vitamin E, low iron, low iodine, low Vit B6, high/low sodium, high/low calcium, high/low phosphorus, high/low magnesium, high/low omega EFAs. [opt. royal jelly, cayenne pepper].

Congestive Heart Failure: Low coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), low calcium, low magnesium, low potassium, low zinc, high sodium, high phosphorus, low Vitamin B2, [opt. hawthorn].

Constipation: Low magnesium, low sulfur, high calcium, high iron, low Vitamin C, high folate, low water intake, low fiber intake, heavy metal toxicity, [opt. psyllium seed powder or husks / soluble fiber].

Convulsions [2] (seizures): Low Vitamin B6, low magnesium, low potassium, high/low sodium, heavy metal toxicity, low fat intake, [opt. bromine].

Crohn's / Colitis (or chronic diarrhea from viral / bacterial / parasitic infection): Low: Vitamin D, calcium, iron, carotenoids. Fructose intolerance, [opt. activated charcoal, clay (internal use), probiotics, bovine colostrum].

Cystitis (bladder infection): High potassium, low chromium, low magnesium, low manganese, low sulfur, (opt. cranberry juice, probiotics, 2-3 mg chelated chromium for a few days, then 500 mcg for maintenance).

Delayed Sexual Maturity: Low zinc, low potassium, low iron, low manganese.

Depression following pregnancy (postpartum): Low manganese, low Vitamin B1.

Depression (general): Low levels of: tin, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sodium, iron, nickel, iodine, phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vit B6, Vit B12, Vitamin D, protein. High levels of magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, Vitamin B2, Vit B5, Vit B6, Vitamin E. Heavy metal toxicity, [opt. tryptophan (5-HTP), St. John's Wort, omega 3 EFAs / EPA, DHEA].

Dermatosis / Dermatitis: Low omega EFAs, low Vitamin E, low Vit B2, low biotin, high/low Vit A, high magnesium, high calcium, low sodium, heavy metal toxicity, [opt. UV exposure, Traumeel ointment (Heel Co)].

Diabetes Type II: High sodium, high manganese, high iron, high selenium, high Vitamin B3/4, low sulfur, low potassium, low chromium, low nickel, low Vit C, high glucosamine, cholesterol medications (some patients), lack of exercise, exposure to Bisphenol A. If tolerated, use Xylitol instead of fructose, artificial sweeteners, or stevia. [opt. Alpha lipoic acid, EPA, ginseng, ivy gourd, gymnema, extracts of elderflowers, soluble fiber].

Diarrhea: Low calcium, low iron, low folate, low carotenoids, high sulfur, high magnesium, high Vitamin C, gluten (with celiac disease), [opt. Acidophilus / probiotics, cocoa, clay], (see also "Crohn's Disease").

Digestive Problems: High/low stomach acid, high/low bile, insufficient pancreatic enzymes, low folate, low manganese, low iron, gluten intolerance, food allergies, may need probiotics. See also "Bloating."

Dizziness: High/low sodium, high/low manganese, high/low iron, high/low phosphorus, high Vitamin B3/4, high Vit A, high PABA, low vanadium, low molybdenum, low iodine, low tin, high chloride, high lithium, high fluoride, high/low Vitamin B5, low Vit B2, low Vit B6, low Vit B12, heavy metal toxicity.

Dry Skin: High calcium, high magnesium, low sodium, low iron, low choline, low phosphorus, low iodine, high/low Vit A, low omega EFAs, low DHEA, [low humidity, insufficient water intake, food / contact allergies].

Dupuytren's contracture: Low magnesium, low silica, low sulfur, low Vitamin C. - - Balancing minerals alone will not reverse Dupuytren's contracture, but significant improvement is possible already with the first electro-therapy or electro-acupuncture session. Dr. Ronald Roth had used 900 µAmps / 160Hz modulated AC of 1/3Hz with good results, but most T.E.N.S. units should give satisfactory results near the 1mAmp /<200Hz range setting.

Dyspnea (shortness of breath, trouble breathing in): High cobalt, high nickel, low tin, high Vitamin A, low Vit E, low Vit B15, low Vit B1, low Vit C, [spinal alignment problem at T3 - T5 area].

Eclampsia / pre-eclampsia [3] (high blood pressure during pregnancy): Low magnesium, low potassium, low calcium, low folate, low Vitamin B5, high iron.

Eczema: High/low Vitamin A, low EFAs. Food allergy-related eczema: Low pancreatic / digestive enzymes, "Calendula + " ointment (by Homeocan Co). Contact allergies / dry air-related eczema: "Traumeel" ointment (by Heel Co). [opt: probiotics, UV exposure].

Edema (water / fluid retention, swelling of tissues): High/low sodium, high/low phosphorus, low iodine, low magnesium, low potassium, high/low protein, low Vitamin B1, low Vit B6, low Vit B5, low Vit C.

Erectile dysfunction: see "Impotence"

Eye (swelling / inflammation): Blepharitis / Conjunctivitis ("pink eye"): High/low Vitamin A, low Vit B2, low chromium (usually worse on left side), low copper (usually worse on right side), low magnesium, low calcium, high iron, high manganese, very high Vitamin C intake.
Episcleritis: High iron, high manganese, low carotenoids, low Vitamin C, low B-Complex, low bioflavonoids, [opt. milk thistle].

Fatigue: Low sodium, low sulfur, low tin, high/low manganese, high/low iron, high/low iodine, high/low zinc, high/low calcium, high/low magnesium, high/low potassium, high/low phosphorus, high copper, low Vitamin C, low Vit B1, low Vit B6, low folate, low biotin, low protein, low Vitamin B12, high Vit A, high Vit B2, high Vit B5, high PABA, high Vitamin D, heavy metal toxicity. Avoid high simple sugar intake. [opt. ginseng, royal jelly].

Fibroid Tumors (breast / uterine fibroids): Low iodine, low germanium, low silicon / silica, high copper, high manganese, high PABA, low Vit C, low Vit E, low omega EFAs. High intake of coffee / tea / cocoa / chocolate / caffeine / alcohol / Tylenol, high pseudo-estrogenic factors (Bisphenol-A), [opt. isoflavones, resveratrol].

Flatulence (intestinal gas): Low digestive enzymes, low stomach acid, high sulfur. See also "Bloating."

Flu / Cold / Viral Infections: see "Antiviral Remedies for a normal & weak Immune System"

Flushing: High niacin, high iron, high manganese, high sodium, (see also "Menopausal Flushing").

Gallstones: Low omega EFA intake, low Vitamin E, low choline, rapid / excessive weight loss, [opt. turmeric].

Garlic Breath Odor (without eating garlic): High selenium.

Gastric Ulcers: High/low stomach acid, low bismuth, low lithium, H. Pylori infection, food sensitivities.

Gastritis (upset stomach with pain): High stomach acid, high iron, high Vitamin C, high Vit B3/4, high PABA, high zinc, high chloride salts, low magnesium, low calcium, heavy metal toxicity, [food intolerance / poisoning, alcohol, prescription / non-prescription drugs, or supplements taken on empty stomach or after meals...].

Gingivitis (inflammation of gums): Low Vit C, low Vit A, low bioflavonoids, low calcium, [opt. cold / soft laser].

Glaucoma: High calcium, high sodium, low magnesium, low potassium, low Vitamin A, low Vit B2, low Vit C, low folate, low flavonoids, high caffeine, [opt. coleus (herb), time release Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)].

Glossitis (inflammation of the tongue): Low Vitamin B2, low Vit B12, low folate, low iron.

Glucose Intolerance / Insulin Resistance: Low GTF chromium, high/low manganese, high/low potassium, high/low vanadium, high/low calcium, high/low magnesium, high/low sodium, low zinc, high/low Vitamin B3/4, low Vitamin B6, low biotin, low Vit C, low fiber, obesity, lack of exercise. (see also "Diabetes Type II").

Goiter: Low iodine, (very high iodine), high bromine, high PABA, high lithium, high fluoride.

Gout: High meat / seafood / oxalic acid / purine-rich foods, high alcohol, low Vitamin B5, low magnesium, low potassium, high sodium, high intake of sugar / fructose / corn syrup, low water intake, [opt. cherry juice].

Graying Hair: Low iron, low copper, low calcium.

Growth (slow / impaired growth): Low calcium, low zinc, low potassium, low iodine, low iron, low Vitamin A, low omega EFAs, low folate, low Vitamin B6. [in some animals: low tin].


The information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for self-treatment